Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

27 Aug

There are many advantages to creating reclaimed wood furniture or to purchasing these pieces, one

being that they are unique and original and can create a very personal look in your home. Another great

advantage is that they are environmentally friendly since you don’t need to use virgin or fresh wood for

these pieces.

While these pieces can be stunning and unique, they may also need a bit more maintenance and tender

loving care to keep their look. Consider a few quick tips to keep your reclaimed or recycled wood pieces

looking their best.


1. Keep them moist.

Too much moisture can cause wood rot, but when wood pieces are too dry they can crack and be more

prone to chips and nicks. Reclaimed or recycled wood has already spent years being air-dried so it may

be drier than other pieces. During wintertime it’s good to have a humidifier near your reclaimed wood

furniture or ensure that your home and space are comfortably moist. Even a cup of water under or

behind the piece can help to keep it as moist as possible and in turn, looking its best.

2. Use the right finisher or cleanser.

Older wood pieces will typically have more cracks and be more porous than new furniture, so using

furniture polish is typically not recommended. It can settle into these small cracks and pores and allow

dust to build up. A good dry wax is recommended, or you might use a small paintbrush to clean your

pieces as this will get all the crumbs and dust out of those cracks and leave a shiny finish.

3. Gently clean up marks and stains.

Natural wood of any sort will need a bit more delicacy when it comes to cleaning up marks and stains.

For water marks and rings, use a non-gel toothpaste and gently swirl it around the stain with a soft

cloth. Baking soda can be gently sprinkled over red wine stains to bleach them out without damaging

your reclaimed wood furniture. Table salt can be used on grease and oil stains as the salt will absorb the

grease or oil without hurting the wood.


It’s also recommended that the table be cleaned regularly with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

This will keep the table polished but won’t add residue or buildup, and will leave a soft finish on your


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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table- When Quality Counts

04 Jul

A reclaimed wood dining table is a piece of furniture that will impress. When you are ready to choose high quality stylish furniture than it should be reclaimed wood dining table styles that you are looking at. In today’s market so much of the furniture that is offered is made with just one purpose. It looks good but it is not made to last.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Many of the furniture companies make furniture that is meant to last 3-5 years which is when you usually have to replace the furniture because it becomes worn and out of shape.

Furniture companies make money by selling furniture, if you have to replace the furniture that you are sold in 3-5 years than there is more money to make. A reclaimed wood dining table will last a lot longer than 3-5 years as a matter of fact it will likely outlast you!

You may pay a little more for a reclaimed wood dining table but what you get in return is quite a lot more. Wood is always best when it comes to furniture but don’t be fooled most of the mass produced furniture is not made of wood it is made of wood laminate or veneer.


The problem with furniture that is not made of “real” wood is that it can not be repaired. If you spill something on a table that is made from wood laminate (which is like a picture of wood on fiberboard) or wood veneer (which is very thin layers of wood glued together) you are in big trouble. You can not sand veneer or laminate so you are stuck with the stain.

On the other hand a reclaimed wood dining table can be sanded, restained or even painted if it needs to be. The imitation wood tables can not. It is very difficult to care for a piece of furniture that is not made of wood. The material that is used in these type of dining tables is not easy to care for and extra care has to be taken when cleaning this material or when trying to rejuvenate it.

A reclaimed wood dining table stays looking great forever with just the simplest of care. When quality counts you want a reclaimed wood dining table. When style matters you want a reclaimed wood dining table.

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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table- Customizable Options

03 Jul

Classic_roomOne of the biggest selling points of purchasing reclaimed wood dining table is that it is unique. Unlike mass produced tables the reclaimed wood dining table will be unique because of the reclaimed wood that it is crafted from. Reclaimed wood offers a unique quality to any furnishings but especially so to a dining table.

Each table has unique qualities that is different from the other tables that are produced for the same reasons. Having an option to have a unique piece of furniture in your home is a great way to really set apart your style from everyone else’s.

A unique high quality piece like a reclaimed wood dining table will easily become a favorite. It will be the focal point in any room and will be a long time family favorite. The beauty of having a piece of furniture in your home that really expresses who you are and that brings a bit of character into your home is a great way to decorate.

Sizes and Styles

Baumhaus Furniture is a leader in providing great reclaimed furniture options offers a great range of styles and sizes that fit nicely into any room where a dining table is warranted. Having the perfect sized table that is also the perfect size when you have so many great options to choose from.

The best part of making the choice to purchase reclaimed wood furniture is that you have plenty of unique one of a kind design options to choose from. These one of a kind pieces can easily pull any décor together to make any room feel like home!

Types of Wood

A lot of people mistakenly believe that reclaimed wood furniture all looks the same but it does not. There is different types of reclaimed wood that can be used in creating a reclaimed wood dining table. They are not all created from heavy wide planked reclaimed barn wood although these are very popular and do add a lot of charm to your home it is not your only option.

The wood that is used to create reclaimed furniture comes in a full range of shapes and sizes so you can opt for thicker board creations or thinner board creations and of course you can also choose from a full range of wood types as well.

Actually there are plenty of great options when it comes to choices for great reclaimed wood dining table.

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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table- When You Don’t Want to Compromise

24 May

If you have a large family or you simply like to host dinner parties you need a durable dining table that will stand up to use. You should not have to compromise when it comes to a durable option that manages to remain beautiful after years of use.

A reclaimed wood dining table is just the ticket. A reclaimed wood dining table is durable and beautiful at the same time. When you are someone that uses their dining table frequently and does not want to have to worry about spills and stains a reclaimed wood dining table is simply the best option.

Easy Care

There are a lot of dining table choices that you can choose from but not a lot of choices that hold up well to wear and tear. In many cases they look great in the showroom when no one is using them but when you get them home they just do not hold up.

Many of the styles that are available that do hold up under use do not look that great so you are kind of left with the choice of choosing something that looks good or something that will hold up under use unless you choose a combination option like a reclaimed wood dining table that looks great and can be used everyday without much worry.

Reclaimed wood is durable! It is beautiful but it is strong and can be easily cared for. These types of tables are built well and can withstand years of use without even noticing it. Of course should you get a stain or a mar on a reclaimed wood dining table it is nothing a little sand paper can’t fix. Unlike other materials a reclaimed wood dining table can be easily refinished if need be.

Better With Age

The older a reclaimed wood dining table gets and the more use it gets the more character it will have that can not be said for other types of dining tables. As a matter of fact most tables do not age well at all. They become worn and frazzled after a few years and have to be replaced.

If you have a busy dining area and you want a table that will last you need a reclaimed wood dining table. It will grow with your family, never go out of style and serve you well.

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